Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Fruit and Cheese Cocktail

Here's something i don't usually do. I got this recipe from a friend when we had a drinking session at our house(again!). Anyway, I was wondrin' what it was, and so the story goes....

Stuff you need:

1 bowl

1 can of Fruit Cocktail (any brand will do)

1 block of cheese


can opener

How to do it:

First, open the can of fruit cocktail. Just get the medium or the small size can. Empty the contents into the bowl together with the syrup. Then dice the cheese into smaller pieces. Add the cheese to the fruit cocktail, mix it up and there you go!

It may be kinda weird to some of you but you gotta try it at least once. imagine having a sugar rush while you're drunk, hehehe...

Sawsawang Naging Pulutan

Ok, here’s something that’s all around. Pwedeng sawsawan, pwede ring pulutan. Not many of us know that tomatoes are good for snacks. I figured this recipe out while drinking with my college buddies at home one night. We had Inihaw na Tilapia for snacks along with some chips and a bunch of leftovers from dinner. Most of us eat fish with some sort of sauce or sawsawan right? So here the story goes…..

Stuff you need:

1 bowl



Soy Sauce

A Bunch of Tomatoes

A Few Bulbs of Onions

A Few Pieces(?) of Garlic

Ground Pepper

Some Chili (Sili)

How to do it:

So cut the tomatoes to smaller pieces, it doesn’t really matter whether you dice ‘em or whatever. Its better if you have more tomatoes than the onions or garlic. Now dice those onions, maybe a bulb or two but it really depends on you. You’ll have to do the same with the garlic. By the way, don’t ever forget to clean them first before you cut ‘em and dice ‘em ok? Place the tomatoes, onions and garlic in the bowl. Add in some chili and ground pepper if you want. For me it’s spicier the better hehehe…. Now once you’re satisfied with the contents add vinegar and soy sauce to your preferred proportions. Personally I’d add a few splashes of soy sauce because the more soy sauce you use the saltier it gets. And now you’re done!

Alright, you can use this as pulutan if you want or just a sawsawan for your food. Its good for any kind of inihaw but I’m not sure with chicken. Here’s a good advice, the tomatoes help neutralize the taste of alcohol. Well, that’s what me and my friends found out. Plus, the spiciness of this recipe helps fight out kalasingan. Nagtrip nga ko minsan, I had this for dinner kasi wala ng ulam sa bahay hehehe…. I do hope you try this out guys. Kampay!!!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Crack-A-Tuna Deluxe

Ok, for our first recipe, one of the simplest ones I’ve got. I learned this through one of my drinking sessions with my college friends (Thanks guys!!!)

Stuff you need:

1 can of Century Tuna Hot and Spicy

1 pack of Skyflakes

1 can opener

1 small bowl

How to do it:

First, open the Century Tuna and pour the contents in the bowl. You can use the original variant in vegetable oil but I prefer Hot and Spicy but hey it’s your choice. The spiciness of it helps with the drunkenness, or so it seems hehehehe…

Next is the skyflakes. Of course you can use any kind crackers but for the mean time its skyflakes. Here’s what you’ll do with it, crush it into small pieces. Not to small and not to big or do it to whatever you want it to look like. Place the crushed crackers into the bowl and mix with the tuna. By the way, you could break the tuna into smaller pieces para mas marami hehehe…

Ok then there you go, I’m sure magugustuhan nyo yan. It’s very cheap and very easy to make right? Spread the word people! Tagay na!


Hello everyone!!! Welcome to my blog! This is technically my first and I’ll try to update this as much as possible.

Everybody loves to have something to munch on while having a drink, don’t we? I created this blog to help everyone who needs a good and cheap snack while jugging up some alcohol. I got this idea from my friend Retz. He told me that since I know a lot of stuff on making pulutan and sawsawan, I’d better make a blog about it. Anyways, some or most of the stuff here are known to some of you but hey, let’s share the knowledge man!

Guys, feel free to comment anytime. I want to make it clear that I am not a “know-it-all” about this. I just want to share you what I know alright? You can also send me your own recipes if you want, that’ll be a great help. Tagay na!!!